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Summerville Catholic School
Summerville Catholic School is a regional Catholic elementary and middle school in the Diocese of Charleston with the support of five parishes. We strive to be disciples and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, strengthening our students in spirit as well as the body and mind. We invite all children, including those with special needs and unique challenges, to our campus where they can achieve their fullest potential.

Bishop England High School
Bishop England High School strives to foster a faith community characterized by the Gospel message of mutual respect and charity. We endeavor to promote the spiritual, intellectual and physical growth of the individual through the combined efforts of parents/guardians and faculty by establishing the best possible environment for learning: a climate of safety, trust, respect for the individual and an appreciation for the acquisition of learning.

St. Theresa the Little Flower Faith Formation
The goal of our faith formation program is to support and assist parents in the discipleship of their children’s faith.  We provide opportunities to enrich their faith through knowledge, prayer and the sacraments. Our faith journey is a lifelong one. Jesus is the cornerstone of our faith and we want each of you to develop a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.. It is only through a personal relationship with Christ that we will answer his call to know, love and serve him in our parish community and beyond.



Office of Family Life, Diocese of Charleston
The Diocese of Charleston Office of Family Life offers resources, information, support, retreats, and more for couples, families, and individuals seeking to live out the truth of the Catholic Church especially in areas regarding chastity, sexuality, respect for life, relationships, marriage prep and fertility.

Courage International is an apostolate which offers support for those who experience same-sex attractions. Courage members are men and women who experience same-sex attractions and who have made a commitment to strive for chastity. Through our apostolate, people who experience same-sex attraction receive pastoral support in the form of spiritual guidance, community prayer support, and fellowship. To join the SC chapter of Courage, contact Fr. John Zimmerman at

EnCourage International is an apostolate which offers support for parents, spouses, siblings and friends of people who identify as LGBTQ. EnCourage members work together to understand the experiences of their loved ones, and to respond to them with compassion. They know that it is possible to express love for someone even if we can’t support all of their choices or actions. They find spiritual guidance to grow in their relationship with Christ, and community support from other members that helps them remember that they are not alone.

Campus Ministry in South Carolina
Catholic Campus Ministry exists to help college students in their personal, theological, and spiritual growth while pursuing a degree in higher education. All campus students are welcome to participate in this ministry which brings faith and college together in dialogue.

St. Theresa Parish Ministry Booklet
As a Catholic community, we come together and use the time and talents that God has abundantly blessed us with to participate where God is calling us. How can you participate in and serve our community? Please see our Directory of Parish Ministries to see how you can be involved in our social ministries, liturgical ministries, prayer ministries, faith formation, youth ministries, and other programs at our parish. 








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